You work hard. Learn about who is working hard for you!

OFFICERS of the 498

The women and men of Ironworkers Local 498 are represented by the finest in our industry. These Officers work tirelessly to make our local the best that it can be. You work hard everyday. See who is working hard for you!

MEET YOUR Local 498 Officers Business manager/ FINANCIAL SECRETARY/ TREASURER Mark Richeson recording secretary keith gahl ORGANIZER / apprentice coordinator Mark richeson pension trustees james como mark richeson President Ben Scroggins conductor/ Sergeant-AT-ARMS chris conklin organizer mark richeson union trustees Tom Moraska Bob Zimmerman h&w trustees mark richeson vice president Paul Kauffman examining committee Rich Atkins John Meier Jay Price executive committee Rich Atkins John Hammock Nick Helm John Meier



"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. They inspire the power and energy to get it done."